Dropoff & Pickup

morning drop off

All parents must remain in their cars when bringing their children to school. Parents will not be allowed to walk their children to their classroom at this time. Parents will drop their  children off at the curb in the drop off lane in front of the school. Students will step out of their car and be directed into their perspective building.

Pre-Kindergarten through Second grade students will enter into the primary wing through the front gate. Third through Fifth grade students will be directed into the main building through the front doors of the school. We ask that all students arrive at 7:35, but those students who arrive early because of working parents, will be directed to their classroom and wait in the hall until 7:20 a.m. Paraprofessionals will be assigned to morning duty in the hallways to monitor students who arrive early.

Afternoon Pick Up

Each grade level has a specific dismissal location. Pre-K and Kindergarten will dismiss in the back school circle. First, Second, and Third will dismiss in staggered locations in front of the school. Fifth grade will dismiss in the grass area on 17th Street and Fourth grade will dismiss in the circle drive on 17th Street. We will have staggered dismissal times this year. Parents are not allowed to walk up to the dismissal locations and pick their students up at the end of the school day. Parents must stay in their cars at all times. Older students will pick up younger siblings and wait for their parents to pick them up.  

Parents who walk to school to pick their children up must wait across the street at the crosswalk and a staff member will walk their student to them across the street.  Students who have not been picked up by 3:10 will be taken to the office.