Notifications/Alert Systems

SchoolStatus Connect Communications Platform

San Angelo ISD utilizes SchoolStatus Connect, a district-wide communications platform, to streamline communications from the district, campuses and classrooms to our students and families. With SchoolStatus Connect, our families receive communication from San Angelo ISD, as well as the schools and classrooms for which their student(s) are enrolled.

Families are automatically opted in to receive email and/or text messages with the contact information provided in the students’ enrollment form. Additionally, SchoolStatus Connect provides parents/guardians secure access to all communications via a mobile application as well as through a web browser. 

Every parent/guardian is encouraged to create a SchoolStatus Connect account in order to enjoy the most benefits of this platform. Creating an account allows you to update your communication and language preferences and interact with your child’s school and classrooms. 

The easiest way to create your account is to click the “VIEW ON CLASSTAG” button at the bottom of any of our email communications. Your login information will be prefilled and you will be prompted to create a password to login to SchoolStatus Connect for the first time.

Once logged in, you can update your account settings and preferences by clicking the Gear icon. 

  • Select Communications Preferences to select your preferred notification method and to choose what you would like to receive notifications about. 
  • Select Account Settings to update your preferred Language

We highly encourage our families to download the mobile app for your phone or tablet using the following links. Downloading the mobile app enables you to receive app notifications directly to your phone so that you never miss a communication from the district or your child’s school/classrooms.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play